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New York Times Article Highlights Workplace Injuries That Face Cooks in Restaurants

This past Sunday’s New York Times featured an opinion piece called Choice Cuts in which famous chefs reflected on their worst workplace injuries as cooks in restaurants.  Among the stories was one by Mark Ladner of Del Posto slicing off a piece of his index finger while he was chopping carrots.  Michael Laiskonis of Le Bernardin recounted the incident where he cut off a piece of his left thumb while chopping onions.

Hot equipment and oil, heavy lifting, and slippery floors are common workplace hazards in restaurants.  The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has issued a publication Work Safe! Restaurants which addresses workplace safety in restaurants.

work safe restaurants

New York restaurant workers who are hurt on the job or suffer a job related illness have the right to file for compensation claims with the New York Workers’ Compensation Board.