Mario Batali Market Sued For Disability Discrimination

Tarry Market, a specialty foods store in Port Chester, New York owned by restaurateurs Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich, has been sued by a former employee who alleges that she was discriminated against and ultimately fired due to her physical … Continued

Beverly Hills Restaurant Sued for Wage Pay Violations

The New York Times has reported that Urasawa, one of the country’s best sushi restaurants, has been sued by its back of the house employees for wage and overtime violations. The New York Times article reports that, according to a … Continued

Iron Chef Morimoto Sued for Tip Skimming

Masaharu Morimoto and his upscale New York restaurant Morimoto were sued by a barback in a class action lawsuit for cheating the restaurant’s workers out of tips. The case against Morimoto contains three main allegations.  First, the lawsuit claims that … Continued

Iron Chef Mario Batali Served with Tip Skimming Lawsuit

The recent lawsuit against Iron Chef Mario Batali’s restaurants Babbo, Bar Jamon, Casa Moni, Otto Enoteca, and Tarry Lodge underscores the rampant wage and hour abuses in New York restaurants.  Share