Happy National Waiters and Waitresses Day!


Today is National Waiters and Waitresses Day. To commemorate, check out this blog about the top ten wage violations in the restaurant industry written by waiterpay.com founder Louis Pechman, featured on the Huffington Post. Share

Five Tips To Avoid Restaurant Pay Lawsuits


In handling over 100 restaurant pay lawsuits, I have seen common themes play out, whether that restaurant is a mom and pop take out place or a high end fine dining establishment. From the perspective of someone who has collected … Continued

Hooters Workers Sue for Wage Theft


Waitresses and bartenders at a Hooters Restaurant in Alabama filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging that Hooters violated the minimum wage provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) when it paid employees a reduced tipped minimum wage of … Continued

Debate Over the Tipped Minimum Wage

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The recent debate about whether to raise the federal minimum wage has overshadowed the debate about whether the tipped minimum wage also should be increased, according to a recent story on NPR. Since 1991, the federal tipped minimum wage for … Continued

Boulud Restaurants Sued for Wage Pay Violations


Tipped employees working in the Boulud Restaurants owned by renowned chef, Daniel Boulud, have filed a class action lawsuit claiming minimum wage, overtime compensation, and spread-of-house violations under the New York Labor Law (NYLL).  The Complaint, which was filed in … Continued

Sushi Yasuda to Pay $2.4 Million to Settle Wage Claims


Sushi Yasuda, widely recognized as one of the best Japanese restaurants in New York, has settled a lawsuit for $2.4 million dollars according to a proposed settlement agreement filed in New York federal court. The restaurant’s front of the house … Continued

Waiterpay Founder Featured on Brooklyn TV

Louis Pechman, the founder of Waiterpay, was a featured guest on BK Live’s June 2, 2014 segment on Tipped Wages.  The segment focused on pay issues in New York City restaurants, including concerns about the increase in lawsuits for illegal pay … Continued