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‘Essen Sued for Wage Violations

‘Essen, a to-go café with locations in Midtown East, Hell’s Kitchen, and Financial District in New York City, has been hit with a wage violation lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that the cafe failed to pay several cooks, food preparers and salad preparers minimum wage, overtime pay, and spread-of-hours pay. The lawsuit claims that these cooks, … Continue reading ‘Essen Sued for Wage Violations

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Reichenbach Hall Sued for Wage Violations

A wage theft lawsuit has been filed against Reichenbach Hall, a German beer hall located in midtown Manhattan. The lawsuit charges that the restaurant cheated its waiters and waitresses out of minimum wage and overtime pay. The servers claim that Reichenbach Hall charged them for customer walkouts and for uniforms. The waitstaff also allege that … Continue reading Reichenbach Hall Sued for Wage Violations